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10 ways to start loving yourself the way you deserve to be loved

Updated: Jan 19, 2020

Its easy to not put YOU first. When you DO NOT put YOU first, it creates stress and negative thoughts about yourself. You don't feel complete, you begin to look to others to fill you with positive words and energy. I have news for you, that will never happen! I know because I have done this for years! Always, pleasing others, feeling exhausted emotionally, mentally and even physically. Some days, I would hide away in my apartment with my dog, never answering a text or phone call. I would "pretend" to be so busy, but the reality was I zoned out, binge watching shows or finding movies that would consume my thoughts. This was how I meditated. Can you believe that? Yup! I just numbed my mind and yes I did feel great afterwards, but I also felt I wasted an entire day on the couch. As I got older, I realized I needed a completely different way to clear my energy. The results are long lasting and I it only takes up about 1-2 hours out of my day! Depending on what I did, that time wouldn't be enough.

Here are 10 ways to start loving yourself:

1. Say No - Saying no is putting YOU first. When you know deep down you don't want to attend an event or be in someone's energy that isn't what you need now, say NO! Of course, there are other ways to say it with kindness, but the message is the same.

2. Have Gratitude. Make a list of 3-5 things at minimum, once a week. Build up to once a day.

3. Make quiet time for yourself. You can choose to read if you'd you like, but you need to be in silence, no distractions, and no phone. (Not even text messages).

4. Take a long bath with oils, crystals, flowers, milk, Epsom salt, candles etc. You really want the bath to be intentional and nurturing. (This is not the same as #3. Yes, it's quiet time; however, the method and delivery is different for a reason). You are giving a gift to yourself, by preparing the bath.

5. Give yourself 5 minutes to enjoy your morning tea or coffee. It's vital to know you can have that moment to breath, sip and enjoy a piece of the beginning of the day before the "to-do list" comes into to play.

6. Enjoy an indulgence. This can be a challenge for many. Perhaps you committed to eating better, start living your best life, make better choices, be a role model for your kids, or workout more, which now eliminates unhealthy habits. News Flash! There are a variety of very good tasting sugar free, vegan, raw, and super duper healthy options. No excuses! Also, the indulgence can be traveling, spa day, clothing, etc.

7.Looking in a mirror, Say "I LOVE YOU"

8. Take yourself on a date. A few ideas: movies, restaurant, or museum/art exhibit with lunch afterwards.

9. Stop with the excuses.

10. Laugh, sing and dance more. With or without people around. Either is okay and lot's of fun!


Ebony Q


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